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Mikhail Gonopolsky, Managing Director of Insight: "The leasing market is slowly adapting to the main challenge of this year – the structural supply crisis"

 In his speech, he noted three factors that impacted the leasing industry in the challenging year of 2022.

"This year we saw another funding shock in the leasing market. But over the last ten years, companies have gone through these kinds of shocks many times and know how to deal with them. As experience shows, everything ends with a brief period of high funding rates, but the risk of volatility passes. I believe that those involved have already begun to overcome this crisis," he said.

"But I don't remember such a shortage and restructuring of the supply of leased assets," Mikhail continued. Companies need to completely change how they work with suppliers and finance a different assortment based on availability and changes in delivery times. The supply crisis is this year's biggest challenge. But we see that, every month, companies are adapting to this risk. The market is filled with new brands and clients are ready to work with them. The third factor is clearly the issue of staffing. Without a good, professional and fully staffed team, you can't run a leasing business. In this regard, this year's events had a definite impact on leasing companies, although this impact was minimal.

In summary, Mikhail stressed that the market is slowly adapting to the structural crisis in supply, which will continue next year. After a turbulent year, if the economy is more or less stable and it is possible to make forecasts for the future, demand will also appear, he believes.

The conference "Leasing in Russia", organized by the rating agency Expert RA, is the largest event for leasing market professionals in Russia. It has been held annually since 2002. At the venue, the heads and clients of leasing companies, financial institutions, regulators, IT-companies discuss the current challenges and prospects that the industry faces.