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Leasing Company DeltaLeasing resumes leasing activities

The leading Russian leasing company in the industrial segment continues its operations in the Russian Federation in all 24 representative offices from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin under the new brand “DeltaLeasing”, with which it launched its operations in 1999. The company’s new 100% stakeholder Insight Investment Group intends to preserve integrity of the Team and the operating model as well as continuity of business development with focus on the industrial segment.
The process of the seamless re-branding will not interfere with operability of the company’s both internal and external resources. Online-cabinet of the company’s clients and other services will also continue to work in normal mode.

Leasing Company “DeltaLeasing” is on the list of Top-10 leasing companies in Russia as of 2021 and it is the leading leasing company in the segment of industrial equipment, including:

· 20% of the woodworking equipment market;
· 19% of the power equipment market;
· 15% of the food industry equipment market;
· 8% of the metalworking equipment market.

“DeltaLeasing” is confidently making plans to strengthen its market positions further, with reliance on deep expertise, professionalism and successful integration of unique international experience of its management team.

Our team has gained invaluable experience to run business under any market conditions during 22 years of our presence in the Russian market. Now we are starting a new stage of the company’s development but we note that key items of our strategy remain intact: the highest level of client service and the dedicated team which enable efficient and sustainable business development, notes Maxim Goncharuk, CEO of Leasing Company DeltaLeasing LLC.