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The leasing company of Insight resumes financing of leasing transactions under the Fleet Finance brand

A subsidiary of the Insight investment group, previously operating under the John Deere Financial brand, resumes financing transactions under the new Fleet Finance brand.

The change of the legal name of the company will take place within the next month. The process of the re-branding will not interfere with operability of the company’s both internal and external resources, the company continues to fulfill all its obligations under current contracts.

The Insight investment group acquired a 100% stake in the leasing company John Deere Financial LLC on February 28, 2023, having previously received the approval of the Government Commission for the Control of Foreign Investments.

Fleet Finance has been providing leasing services for machinery and equipment in the agro-industrial complex, construction and logging industries for over 10 years. The geography of sales covers the entire territory of Russia. Fleet Finance's key clients are large agro-industrial holdings, timber processing enterprises, and construction companies involved in significant infrastructure projects. The company has a diversified portfolio: 60% is occupied by the agricultural business, 40% is divided into the construction and logging segments.

Insight (Insight Investment Group LLC) is a private equity investment company that raises and operates funds for M&A deals in Russia and the CIS countries. It was founded by businessman Avet Mirakyan. Insight focuses on the acquisition of companies from the financial, mainly leasing industry.